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Welded grating is manufactured using an automated process combining hydraulic pressure with a powerful electric welding current which electro-forges the bearing bars and the cross bars to form a single rigid panel.<a href="http://www.bordengratings.com/roadway_welded" target="_blank">Available Types and Load Tables </a> <p> <span class="heading"><a name="pressure">Pressure Locked Grating</a></span><br> Pressure Locked Grating is often desired because of its neat appearance, smooth clean lines, durability, and its excellent lateral support. Permanent locking is achieved by hydraulically pressing two closely-toleranced slotted bars together. These gratings offer more flexibility in design than any other grating type. Bar sizes and their spacings are almost infinitely variable. Centre-to-centre bar spacings start from 13/32" (7/32" clear opening). Excellent choice for pedestrian (High Heels) traffic. <a href="http://www.bordengratings.com/roadway_pressure" target="_blank">Available Types and Load Tables </a> <p> <span class="heading"><a name="riveted">Riveted Grating</a></span><br> Riveted Grating is the oldest style of grating made today. It is the most rugged and reliable, as it is based on the truss principle, which provides excellent lateral stability and distribution of loads. Riveted Gratings ensure easy working, walking and wheeling surfaces in all sorts of industrial applications. They have a reputation for comfort under foot that is second to none! One particular advantage of riveted grating is that the crimp bars can be serrated and raised, avoiding the increase of bearing bar depths required in other varieties of grating. <a href="http://www.bordengratings.com/roadway_riveted" target="_blank">Available Types and Load Tables </a> <p> <span class="heading"><a name="heavyduty">Heavy Duty</a></span><br> Heavy Duty Gratings have been developed over the years for use in areas where the grating installation is subject to extremely high concentrated loads, such as fork-lift trucks and highway trucks. <a href="http://www.bordengratings.com/roadway_heavyduty" target="_blank">Available Types and Load Tables </a> <p> <span class="heading"><a name="airport">Airport</a></span> <br> Airport and Ditch Inlet Grates conforming to Federal, State, and Provincial requirements. Transport Canada drawings <a href="http://www.bordengratings.com/ditchinlet_airport" target="_blank">Available Types and Load Tables </a> <p> <span class="heading"><a name="roadway">Roadway Grates</a></span><br> The open pattern of these gratings is ideally suited for Bascule or lift bridges with their high strength to weight ratio and up to 80% free air passage. There are several different styles available each offering their particular advantages. Borden's Rectangular Roadway Gratings are the most economical style available, offering the highest free area passage. Borden's Riveted Roadway Gratings provide Engineers with additional lateral support with the truss action provided by the crimp. The crimp can be raised slightly to provide an uninhibited, comfortable smooth ride. Borden's I-Bar Roadway Gratings provide the highest strength to weight ratio of all the Roadway Products. Borden's I-Bar Roadway Gratings are made in several varieties, such as the Rectangular Roadway, the R/W-I (with the truss like crimp), and the concrete filled. <br> <a href="http://www.bordengratings.com/roadway" target="_blank">Available Types and Load Tables</a> <p> <span class="heading"><a name="stair">Stair Treads</a></span><br> Made to suit any stair or tread opening and are furnished complete with pre-punched and slotted End Plates ready to bolt to the stringers. Carbon Steel Treads are available using Pressure Locked, Welded or Riveted Gratings and can be supplied with Checkered Plate, Cast Abrasive or 1/4" Bar nosing options. <a href=" http://www.bordengratings.com/stairtreads" target="_blank">Available Types and Sizes</a> <p> Please e-mail us if you have any questions. <a href="mailto:sales@aimgrating.com">sales@aimgrating.com</a> <p><div style="padding-top:20px;padding-bottom:0px;"><CENTER><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="30"><tr><td class="textsm">Copyright 2009 AIM Grating Ltd. </td><td class="textsm">Website Designed & Maintained by <a href="http://www.westcoastwebdesign.ca" target="_blank" class="smnav">Westcoast Web Design</a></td></tr></table></CENTER></div></div> </td></tr></table><!-- end --></td></tr></table></CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>